Where To Find A Skilled Child Injury Lawyer

If your child is suffering serious physical injuries, as a result, some else misconduct, it’s the high time you consult Toronto child injury lawyer to help you seek justice.

Your child can become a victim of someone’s irresponsibility either deliberately or involuntary. Whatever the case, the person responsible should face the consequences of their actions and the child should be compensated.  In Toronto, you must have an advocate to pursue the legal rights of your child.

Without a legal representative, you will be left in the dark in terms of the right time to file a claim and how to handle the legal procedure. However, with a lawyer, you can be sure of a smooth process with a promising result. Having a child injury lawyer to back your claim is great since he/she will pursue the process with your kid`s interest at heart. Hence he/she will do everything to protect the right of your injured child. You will eventually be granted justice something that can`t just happen if you bear the burden all by yourself.

What is the cost of hiring a child injury lawyer in Toronto?

The fees for hiring a child injury attorney are quite affordable in that it’s based on a win-pay structure. This means that the attorney has to first conduct a successful presentation to get paid. This protects you from losing money in the process in case the attorney fails to win the case. However, with the high level of competency expressed by child injury lawyers in Toronto, the success of your case is guaranteed.

What`s the time limit for filing a child injury lawsuit

Unfortunately, the period under which one can file a lawsuit is limited. In most cases, you are allowed to file a claim within 2 years from the time the injury occurred. After that period is over any claim filed relating the same is dismissed with immediate effect.

All the same, there are instances you may not aware of your child`s injury after it happens. The limitation period will therefore not start until you discover the injury. Here are some cases where a lawsuit is considered as discovered;

  • The date when you first discovered that your child maintained an injury after a past incidence
  • The injury, damage or loss was as a result of a certain irresponsible act
  • Identifying the person responsible for the injury

Types of child injuries that require legal action

Basically, children are prone to injuries, especially with their playful nature. However, you must be able to distinguish an injury that requires legal action from an accidental injury. Here are cases when you can contact a child injury lawyer to enhance a legal action;

  • School accidents injuries
  • Negligence by child care centers
  • Medical negligence or wrong medication causing harm
  • Car accidents
  • Unmaintained swimming pools
  • Poorly built social structures and many more

In most cases, consulting a child injury attorney is free. Hence you should make use of the opportunity by discussing with the lawyer your child`s injury. He/she will help you determine if it`s worth filling for an injury lawsuit.

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