Renting a car has become the smarter, easier, and stress-free way to move around in a new city. Imagine you take a business trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas. You might need to move around a lot to attend meetings, drop off packages, and visit some old friends; you will need a car.

Car rentals help people to move around in new cities. Individuals can rent small cars, self-driving cars, and even luxury cars. It depends on their taste. Renting a car affords you your privacy rather than sharing cabs. It also gives you all the freedom in the world. Car rentals are kicking away immobility.

However, unfortunately, auto accidents happen, and if this is the case for you, you probably have a lot of questions and don’t know what to do next, specially if you are in a different city, like Las Vegas. This article will help you answer useful questions for auto accidents – what is no fault insurance in las vegas? for example. Keep reading to learn more about rental car accidents.

Rental car accidents

So what happens when you rent a car and get in an accident with it. No one goes out in the day planning to get into an accident, however, it happens. What do you do if your rental car is involved in an accident? Rental car accidents can be complicated as now there is another party involved – the rental company. It is not as straightforward as getting into an accident in your car.

What to do when in an accident with a rental car

Call the police and make sure everyone is okay: you need to get the police to come to the scene as soon as possible. The police will draft a report detailing what has happened and get as many details regarding what happened. Also, if anyone is harmed, the police will get them immediate medical attention. If the accident is serious, and people are wounded, refrain from pulling them out as you might end up exacerbating the damage. If you get in an accident with a rental car, find out the condition of everyone involved in the accident. When everyone’s situation is ascertained, call the police and explain to them. If anyone requires immediate medical attention, the police will attend to them and get professional help.

Call the rental car company: This is usually very difficult and awkward but you need to get it out of the way as early as possible. You will find the number of the company inside the glove box or on any documents you signed before you received the car. The insurance company will likely ask for an incident report, and you should explain everything that happened in the report. Give them a truthful report, and then ask them what to do next.

Call your car insurance policy: If your policy covers damage to rental cars, ensure you call your insurance company as soon as possible. The insurance company will want to know the sort of damage done to understand how much they’ll be covering. If you use rented cars regularly, consider buying car rental insurance now or get it included in your insurance policy.

When you get into an accident (whether a rental car or a personal car), it is advisable to get a lawyer involved. These lawyers specialize in the law of automobile accidents and can help you make the best of a sticky situation. The car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation if you are involved in an accident, and it is not your fault. If you have an accident in a rental car, a rental car accident lawyer will make sure that all parties contribute to vehicle damage repair and medical bills.

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