Five Major Benefits of Private LSAT Tutoring

You can study for the LSAT in a variety of ways. If you feel confident enough, self-studying is a valid route. Resources and self-study guides are available from bookstores- both online and offline- anyway.

For most people, the best LSAT prep courses are the way-to-go. This kind of set-up mimics the academic classroom that students are used to, which usually involves having one single tutor teaching a group. You have classmates as well as a set schedule to follow.

But what if you want a learning environment that is perfectly customized according to your learning needs and circumstances? LSAT group classes are tailored to teach the “average” student. What if you feel like you’ve mastered a topic enough, or that you need some more practice on a few subjects? Should you be forced to learn at your group’s pace?

The answer here is to hire an in-person LSAT tutor. Here are some of the reasons why one-on-one tutoring is something you should consider:

  1. It’s efficient. If you’re particularly good at a topic or a question type, then there’s no need for you to go over it again and again (which is something that happens in group classes). You can ask your tutor to drill you on subjects that you’re still having problems with.
  2. It’s personalized. Individualized help is better than group learning because you’ll be learning at your own pace, and not the pace of the group. Your tutor will be able to address your own strengths and weaknesses, and modify the curriculum accordingly.
  3. You’ll get an accountability partner who is solely focused on you. While there’s a lot of you in a group class, most of your classmates will be doing their own thing, instead of helping you out. Your teacher is also unlikely to spend much time in helping you through tough subjects and questions. In private tutoring, it’s like having the teacher all to yourself.
  4. It’s flexible. Another major setback with group classes is that you have to attend classes with set schedules and time periods. But what if you’re working or have a family to attend to? Having private LSAT tutoring sessions means that you get to dictate the time and length of meetings. No need to worry about being late or missing class. Everything can be arranged with your tutor.
  5. You’ll get expert instruction. Most prep companies often hire new grads who might not have that much experience in teaching LSAT topics. With a dedicated tutor, you’ll get expert knowledge and teaching from someone who knows their stuff. Full-time LSAT coaches often spend a lot of time fine-tuning and honing their curriculum because they need to personally attend to the learning needs of their students.

Of course, LSAT tutoring sessions can be costly at first glance. You are paying for the exclusive services of a professional, which is something that will take them time and effort. But since the LSAT can potentially help you shape your future, having a one-on-one tutor might not be so bad and expensive after all.

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