What You Should Know Before Getting Your CDL

Many different careers require a CDL, and it’s a great option for people looking to start a career without the huge expense of attending a college or university. Not only can it offer you the freedom of working when you want and for whatever companies you’re interested in working for, but you can also find many different jobs that require a CDL all across the country. If you’re looking to start a new career, here are a couple things you should know before getting your CDL.

Know The Requirements

Getting your CDL takes a lot of time and effort. You want to know that the effort you’re putting forth is going to get you results. This is why you should know and understand the requirements of getting a CDL and the jobs you’re interested in before you start the process. Obviously, most companies want to know that you’re a responsible driver, so it’s important that you don’t have cdl traffic tickets that will take away from your ability to achieve quality performance on the job. Your personal driving record and any tickets from drinking and driving can decrease your chances of getting a job in the future with a trucking company or another company that requires you to get a cdl.

Take a Class

In order to successfully obtain your CDL, you must first take a class and pass the written tests necessary for obtaining your commercial learner’s permit (CPL). There are usually multiple different options for the kind of CDL you’ll need to obtain, which are usually ordered in different classes. The classes are organized based on what you’ll be carrying or the weight capacity for your truck. There are also different specialties that you can also obtain during this process of obtaining your license, including permission to haul things like hazardous materials and school buses.

Pass a Skills Test

The next step in the process of obtaining your CDL is to pass a road skills test. This is usually done at your local DMV, and you’ll be required to perform the necessary skills to drive a large vehicle based on the previous options that you have chosen. You can only take this test after you’ve passed the written portion of the test and had that permit for at least fourteen days. Depending on your state and their specific regulations, your CLP lasts for up to 180 days.

Getting a CDL can be a great opportunity to improve your chance of starting a high paying career without the price of a college degree. By understanding what should be expected beforehand, you’ll have a much higher chance of obtaining a job you’re interested in.



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