What you need to know while hiring a paralegal firm to get rid of stunt driving charges 

In Canada, especially in Ontario province, stunt driving is considered to be a very serious offence and can even lead to license suspension for up to 2 years upon conviction for the 1st time, vehicle seizure and jail up to 6 months. Also, in case of conviction, you may be charged with a fine between $2,000 to $10,000 (excluding victim surcharge), which can lead to huge financial loss at times.

Oftentimes, people find this to be very stressful and taxing to seek help from a paralegal who is not an expert in driving violations and has other cases to handle at the same time. Thus, they just go to court alone at a specific date, and instead of fighting the actual ticket, automatically plead guilty and pay the fine. As a result, this might be the worst possible scenario for them, their driving record and eventually insurance rates.

That being said, once you get a stunt driving charge Ontario or any other charge related to reckless driving, careless driving, disobey stop signs, etc., the best possible option for you (without exaggeration) will be hiring a professional paralegal firm, specialized in handling such cases with the best success rate.

Here are some factors you need to consider while choosing a paralegal firm:

Choose specialists

It is very important to find the real specialists, who are experts in handling any sort of stunt driving charges. Often, people accused of such charges tend to go for the most famous lawyers who are not an expert in this field. Unfortunately, they give less importance to such cases which can eventually lead to huge losses on your side. Hence, it is better to choose the traffic ticket lawyers who have exceptional experience in fighting such charges and know how to develop the best defence strategy exactly for your case.

Check the mode and speed of communication

Usually, you don’t have much time to wait for the response of paralegals or lawyers. Thus it is essential to choose the firm, which is able to revert you back in the shortest possible time and in substance. The method of communication and the estimated time is taken to reply you back through emails, phone calls and voice messages matter a lot.

Check the success rate 

Pay attention to the success rate of the traffic tickets firm, as this is critical to understand that you’re hiring real professionals, who know the all possible ways out from any case. It will save your money significantly for many years!

When it comes to fighting charges for stunt driving, X-COPS (https://x-cops.ca) is a reliable paralegal firm, which can definitely help to resolve your case. They specialize ONLY in driving violations and traffic offences and can provide you with free expert advice. X-COPS is known for its knowledgeable, skilled and experienced (over 20 years!) paralegals and traffic lawyers so that they can thoroughly review, evaluate your situation and provide the best possible solution for you within a short span of time.


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