What to do after a domestic violence incidence

Are you experiencing domestic violence? Or do you know a loved one experiencing the same?

Domestic violence can be either emotional or physical abuse. It can be quite traumatizing to see someone you care about turn violent towards you. Violence can be in the form of physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, financial or even social abuse.

According to the study, continued emotional torture or abuse can cause equivalent damage as physical abuse. Whether it is emotional or physical, domestic violence can result to health problems such as anxiety, nervous breakdown, blood pressure, low self-worth, and depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts. Here is what to do after such an incident occurs.

Look for help

Don’t wait for things to get out of hand before seeking help.  Even if you think things will work out with time, first ensure your safety and that of any other person with you. You may consider dialing the emergency services helpline, which are operational 24 hours.

If it’s not serious, you can also call in a third party who can assist you in settling the disputes.

Involve the police/ law enforcement

Many victims of domestic violence fear reporting their perpetrators to the police. In most cases, the victims are threatened and rendered voiceless as they fear for their lives. However, your life is more important than those threats so report the incidence to the police.

The police may ask you some questions to understand what transpired, be sure to give accurate information about the whole ordeal. If injured, show the injuries to the police to ensure that it is documented in the report. Also, if the abuser has threatened you in any way disclose this to the police and if you have any evidence to support your claim, give it to them. This will help the police to determine the degree of violence and the action to be taken.

Don’t protect your abuser because today it may be a threat, but tomorrow it might be a homicide.

Seek legal help

Once you’ve engaged the police, consider consulting a domestic violence lawyer who will guide you through the process. Schill law group will file a lawsuit on your behalf and assist you to recover any damages incurred due to the violence.

In case you’ve been hurt in domestic violence and you are not able to work due to injuries, the lawyer will help you recover the wages you’ve lost during the recovery period.

The domestic violence lawyer will also assist you in filing for a divorce in case you don’t want to continue being married to your spouse. He/she will guide you through the messy divorce process without causing more traumas. You will be assisted on the various options you can take to ensure you get out of your abusive marriage as quickly as possible.

Join a psychological help group

After you’ve experienced domestic violence and feeling lost and emotionally drained, a psychological help group will assist you through the hearing process.  You will meet other people who have gone through what you’ve been through or even worse.  You will find people to hold your hand during the healing period.

The main reason for joining a help group is to help you find yourself again, get your self-worth back, boost your confidence, and assist you to get your life back on track.

The psychological help group will give you a platform where you can pour out your pains and hurts without being judged or stigmatized. As they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved.

It’s not okay to experience domestic violence.  If you’re or you’ve been a domestic violence victim, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Speak up and get help. Out here, there are people who’ve gone through what you’ve suffered and conquered. There is a life after domestic violence.



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