Legal-Bay is one of the popular pre-settlement lawsuit funding companies that focus on providing financial aid to plaintiffs during the litigation processes. The company provides funds to even the complex commercial legal cases. The funding is mostly meant to help people experiencing a lost pay, legal fees, stress and lost benefits among other damages. The company is equipped with experienced attorneys who devote themselves in evaluating the various legal cases in an effort to approve the required funding. If you are therefore in need of some financial aid during your litigation period then the Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding is an ideal company to consider.

The company specializes in quite a range of legal cases and therefore you can always contact the company whenever you need some immediate cash during the litigation period. Some of these commercial cases includes;

Breach of contract cases

In case the other party does not live up to their obligations as agreed in the contract, then you may also contact the Legal-Bay funding for some financial aid to see you through the case.

Intellectual property disputes

This includes all cases that conform to the use of one’s intellectual property without their permission. The company thus provides pre-settlement funding in cases of intellectual property infringement and corporate espionage among other disputes.

Wrongful termination cases

If your job is terminated without any valid reasons then the company can also provide a lawsuit funding. The funding may help you finance the litigation process helping you cope with the lost pay, working benefits and stress among other damages.

Real estate disputes- The Company also provides financial assistance in commercial cases involving disputes while acquiring or selling a home. This may include boundary disputes, title deed and insurance issues, co-ownership disputes, fraud and breach of contract among other disputes.

Construction disputes

The company provides funding to all types of construction disputes during the litigation period. Such cases may include boundary disputes, title deed issues or cases involving the construction guidelines.

Environment dispute

In cases of exposure to environmental pollution cases, you can also get some pre-settlement funding from the company to cope with the damages suffered.

Financing a legal case can quite be expensive at times. If you do not have enough money to finance all the court proceedings to the final settlement, then you may risk losing the case and it is therefore important that you get some financial aid to help you throughout the litigation period. Legal-Bay is one of the best pre-settlement funding companies that you may consider for even complex commercial cases. You do not have to worry if other companies have declined your case. The company attorneys take a quick time to analyze your case and approve you for the required funding.

The company does not charge any fee while making the application and therefore you can freely submit your applications by speaking to the company agent. The company can offer up to $10MM funding and therefore it may be a better option to consider if you require a huge funding.


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