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Guardianship is a very heavy judicial protection measure. It has the effect of the complete dependence of the protected person vis-à-vis his guardian. This is why placing under guardianship frequently leads to conflicts within families as well as between the guardian and the protected person. In many cases, recourse to an expert guardianship lawyer is necessary. What does its role consist of? What are its missions? How much does a guardian lawyer cost? Explanations.

Guardianship: when should a lawyer be called upon?

Guardianship measures are decided by the guardianship judge, who sits on the district court. Before this court, recourse to a lawyer is not compulsory. The lawyer from barr& young attorneys is compulsory only for proceedings before the large court instance. It is therefore entirely possible to request that a person be placed under guardianship or, on the contrary, to oppose being placed under guardianship without calling on the services of Attorneys.

Guardianship: when should you hire a lawyer?

Disputes related to guardianship can arise at any time. They are very frequent, given the very heavy nature of this protective measure.

Disputes may concern:

  • The procedure for placing under guardianship. This can lead to disputes between the various members of the family, or between the family and the person to be protected, when the latter refuses to be placed under guardianship.
  • The management of the guardianship. Conflicts between family, guardian and / or protected person are frequent.
  • You should contact a guardian lawyer before the conflict escalates. The earlier a dispute is handled, the more likely it is to be resolved quickly.
  • The lawyer does not simply have a role of defending the rights of his client. An expert in law, his role is also to advise you on supervision in general, on its operation, its consequences, on the various existing legal measures. You can call in a guardianship lawyer at any time to find answers to all your questions.

The guardianship lawyer, when acting as legal counsel, can explain the different types of protection to you in detail. There are three main ones (from the lightest to the heaviest): safeguarding justice, curatorship and guardianship. The curatorship is available in three forms: simple curatorship, arranged curatorship and reinforced curatorship.


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