How Spousal Sponsorship Can Help Your Spouse Obtain CItizenship

You met the person of your dreams while on vacation in Europe. Since spending every evening together for the three weeks you visited, you have run up your phone bills, Zoom called each other, email a few times a week.

You know that this is “The One” you want to spend the rest of your life married to and living happily ever after. You want your future spouse to move to Canada and they want to move, too. They can and the process proves much easier than most people realize.

You can speed the process of your future husband’s or wife’s Canadian residence with a consultant on immigration Canada spousal sponsorship. That mouthful of a phrase simply means hiring an immigration consultant to help with the Canadian immigration process by assisting you in setting up spousal sponsorship. The latter term refers to your financial support of your future spouse.

Your fiancé can move to Canada now by obtaining an appropriate visa and passport. As long as you are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, you have the right to sponsor your family or spouse to move to the country. This also applies to conjugal partners of at least one year and common-law partners of at least one year. That means once you have established a mutually committed relationship of one year, although you have not had your wedding yet, your partner still qualifies as a spouse under Canadian law and spousal sponsorship still applies.

You can also sponsor their child or family members. You can do this long-distance or they can obtain an appropriate visa and passport to visit you. Once in Canada, they would either live with you or in a home that you provide. Essentially, you document that you provide the financial support directly to them and that, in part, constitutes your partnership. Since Canada recognizes same-sex partnerships and marriages, the rules of spousal sponsorship apply to these as well.

By establishing and documenting your financial commitment to one another, you pave the way for your spouse to more easily move to the country of Canada. The process is complicated and having a knowledgeable consultant help you navigate the paperwork and filing requirements.

Once you marry, you will have a simpler time getting your spouse citizenship in Canada due to your well-documented long-term relationship. This makes settling into life in a new country easier and more welcoming.



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