Green Card Lawyers: Why Your Loved One Deserves A Home in America

The world is not a friendly place. For people living in other countries, the risks associated with staying in that country are too great. Immigration lawyers are essential public servants that help immigrants with their citizenship status here in America. There are plenty of bumps in the road when it comes to visiting and living in America. But a San Jose green card lawyer would want you to know that the benefits of coming to America are worth the sustained legal challenges. Here is why you should help your loved ones overseas obtain a green card.

Freedom from oppression

According to a 2020 United Nations report, one in every 30 people is an international migrant. You have to put yourself in your loved one’s position and examine what life is like living in their country. Slavery, sexual assault, poverty, and disease are just a few reasons why someone might want to leave a country. But if your loved one is being affected by corruption, abuse of power, or any other form of oppression, consulting a green card lawyer is the first step in getting them to safety. Only an immigration attorney will understand the complex legal processes associated with coming into America permanently. Better to seek help than let your loved one sit through suffering, as immigration lawyers will have contacts and sources that can help them when representing new clients.

Resources and assistance

From government assistance to advice and counseling, the resources and assistance available for someone immigrating in America is out there for those who know where to look. Fortunately, an immigration attorney will have the skills necessary to explore different directions that are available. In many cases, additional avenues open up when other criteria are met. So, coming to America for a permanent stay is worth the effort as long as your loved one has been guided through the process. Sometimes, the paperwork associated with immigration is so complicated that people seeking immigration services will skip out on the process. Instead, they’ll choose illegal courses of action that endanger the welfare of the whole family. Should this outcome come up in conversation, show your loved ones compassion by encouraging them to abide by the law. The resources available for immigrants in America are sufficient to receive a green card. Especially with the work of an effective attorney.

A fair chance

In the end, encouraging your loved one to stay in America should come down to one important takeaway. That is, in America, you have a fair chance at economic stability that you might not see in other parts of the world. As many immigrants come from countries overridden by poverty, the chance to do meaningful lawful work will surely entice your loved one overseas. Even immigrants who aren’t familiar with America’s legal system will likely understand that venturing into democracy is more ideal than never having a fair chance at earning wealth or enjoying a decent education. While your loved one overseas may be filled with anxiety over the decision, let them know that depending on their living situation, they might not have much to lose by working with a San Jose green card lawyer.

Danger, oppression, fear, and economic inequality. For many immigrants, living in their native countries is no longer an option. The risk to their lives may be too great and consequently, they may reach out to loved ones in America for help. Chances are, you’ll be on the receiving end of a phone call considering that you’re seeking legal representation for immigration services. If you want the best for your loved ones overseas, don’t let them hesitate over their decision. Would you rather start a lengthy legal process today? Or wait for an unfortunate scenario in the future?


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