4 Things You Can Do For a Loved One Who’s Been Arrested

Finding out a friend or family member has been arrested can be traumatizing for everyone involved, particularly if this is the individual’s first offense. Understanding what to do next can mean the difference between quickly getting your loved one released from jail versus potentially a long stint of days, weeks, months, and even years behind bars awaiting a court date. For the very best outcome, it’s essential to act quickly and decisively. Here are four things you can do for a loved one who’s been arrested:

Collect as Much Information as Possible by Calling the Jail

Ask the sheriff or police officer what time they took them into custody, the arresting officer’s name, where the incident occurred, the charge or charges, and all other pertinent information. Write it all down so that you can pass it onto the individual’s attorney. If speaking directly to your loved one, It’s crucial to keep the conversation limited and not delve into the details. Jail conversations are routinely recorded, and any information divulged can be used against them later on.

Contact a Reputable Criminal Defense Attorney

A good defense attorney will be knowledgeable and experienced in handling similar cases, smoothly navigating through the legal system and, effectively working your loved one’s case until its completion. A professional lawyer will also keep you informed and aware of all possibilities and potential pitfalls throughout the process, lowering your stress levels, confusion, and feelings of overwhelm.

Speak With a Credible Bail Bondsman

Hiring a credible bail bond company Allentown PA could be the solution when you want to get your loved one released from jail quickly but lack the resources and the legal savvy to make it happen. A licensed and accredited bail bond company can get your loved one temporarily released from jail for a fraction of the cost set by the court. It’s crucial to ensure the company can be reached anytime and is available 24/7, as you never know when you might need to get in touch. Keep in mind that before signing any legally binding contract, it’s essential to review and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions.

Keep Calm and Carry On

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a collect call from jail at 3 am, or anytime for that matter, emotions will inevitably run high, and tempers can flare. By following these simple tips, you’ll be in a much better position to keep calm and carry on.


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