3 Reasons You Should Consider Filing a Product Liability Claim

After experiencing an injury, the statute of limitations may be all that’s left stopping you from filing a personal injury claim. Whether you were injured in a fall that was someone else’s fault or poisoned by contamination at a restaurant, the process for meeting with an attorney is similar. But product liability isn’t a claim you should ignore either. If something goes wrong as a result of a product you purchased, you don’t want to wait another day to contact an attorney.

Defective products can start devastating fires

When an appliance or piece of technology is broken, a fire can result. Although such an occurrence may seem rare, circumstances such as temperature, how a product is used, where it’s located, and where it was purchased may have an impact on the overall dependability of the product. If a fire breaks out and you’re burned, understand that the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim for product liability is three years. That’s plenty of time for you to gather photographs, medical records, and billing statements to prepare to seek compensation for a fire that started over a defective product. The alternative is having to live with your injuries and not get any compensation.

Defective problems can injure children

The injury of a child as a result of a product shouldn’t be ignored when an attorney can help you prepare a case and help you be accountable. These injuries may often involve accidental choking, crushing, drowning, or suffocating of children. These cases require swift and thorough justice that you can find once you hire an attorney. Over the years, lawsuits like the Liebeck vs. McDonald’s case of 1994 show how incidents that don’t appear as if others are at fault are. If your child was injured and a product was even remotely connected, you should consider contacting an attorney before the statute of limitations passes.

Defective products can cost more than working ones anyway

There are few things more frustrating after a shopping experience than to find the product you purchased is defective. Just think of GM Motors losing a $120 million lawsuit in a faulty ignition switch case. If it hurts you, you have the right to file a claim, but even if it doesn’t, keep in mind that a defective product that costs more than a working one is a horrible waste of money. You won’t be compensated more, but knowing you got hurt and spent more at the same time should encourage you to take action. Think of the money you lost when you chose their product because it was more expensive, and presumably more effective. The reasons behind you filing a personal injury claim are as important as your motives.

Defective products can cause significant harm to you and your family. In worst-case scenarios, a product could lead to profound injuries such as third-degree burns, severe scar tissue, and broken bones. Other times, fires are at risk, as are children who are unaware that a product is defective and use it unsafely. When you hire an attorney to file a product liability claim, remember that there are statutes of limitations. As long as you remember that, you might be in a position to get justice after all.


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