3 Popular Types of Drinking Establishments

Socializing with friends and grabbing a drink at a bar is a popular way to unwind after a long week. From noisy and busy to quiet and intimate, there is a venue for everyone to enjoy. Here are three popular types of drinking establishments.

  1. Irish Pubs

Irish pubs feature a relaxed atmosphere and usually have an option to sit at the bar or at a booth for greater privacy. Most Irish pubs contain dark, wooden decor and give off a feeling of being an older venue even when they are not. Some Irish pubs only serve drinks, but quite a few have a food selection consisting of Irish favorites like corned beef, fish and chips, soda bread, and Irish stew. Common beers that are found in these pubs include Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick’s, as well as a selection of local lagers and ales. Irish pubs are a good choice for those wanting to hang out in a casual atmosphere and enjoy a beer or two.

  1. Cocktail Bars

Cocktail bars tend to be more upscale than most other drinking establishments, and may even require a dress code. The atmosphere is formal yet comfortable, making a cocktail bar a good option for a couple on an intimate date or friends wanting to socialize in a fancy setting. The bartenders working at these bars are generally very skilled, so take advantage of their liquor license Houston TX and expertise and order that more complicated drink that you have always wanted to try. Some good beverage options include:

  • The old fashioned, which consists of bourbon or whiskey, bitters, and an orange garnish served over ice
  • A cosmopolitan, which contains vodka, Cointreau, lime, and cranberry juice and is served in a standard martini glass
  • The Moscow mule, which contains ginger beer and is a good choice for someone wanting something more refreshing
  • A French 75, which is gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, and champagne served in a champagne glass
  1. Dance Clubs

Dance clubs are energetic venues full of music and lights, and most people come with the intention of dancing and socializing. Clubs often serve a wide range of cocktails, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Dance clubs may require an entry fee prior to entering the establishment, especially on busy nights like Fridays and Saturdays. Dance clubs are appealing to larger groups looking to have a good time.

Consider one of these establishments the next time you want a night out.


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