4 Tips for Staying Safe in Any Work Environment

Most any job presents potential hazards to workers, though some conditions are much more dangerous than others. Whether you work in a restaurant or at various construction sites, there are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind to prevent workplace injuries.

1. Follow Safety Guidelines

Many job sites post safety information or provide safety training. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. Many of the tips your employer offers may seem intuitive, but it is still worthwhile to listen for protocols that are new to you. Following these procedures may seem too-time consuming; however, doing repeated tasks day after day increases your risk of injury significantly over a long period of time.

2. Report Potential Hazards

If you notice that a certain activity is especially hazardous, it is a good idea to notify a manager promptly. Never go ahead with a project that you feel is unsafe. In most situations, your boss will try to correct the problem or find a new, less risky way to complete the task. If this does not occur, companies can be held liable for hazardous working conditions and employees may consider suing employer for injury.

3. Use Protective Equipment

Depending on your line of work, your employer may provide you with equipment that protects you from various hazards. These items may include safety goggles, gloves or a back brace. Be sure to take full advantage of these materials; they come at no cost and offer substantial benefits. For some equipment, such as non-slip or steel-toed shoes, you may be held responsible for purchasing and wearing the recommended gear. Remember that some items, such as footwear, may need to be replaced after a year or so.

4. Take Breaks

Throughout the course of a full workday, it can be easy to become mentally or physically tired. When this happens, you are at an increased risk of injury. Be sure to take breaks and to hydrate and fuel your body during your shift. The benefits of taking short breaks could be monumental. This simple habit can prevent you from making a potentially dangerous mistake due to fatigue, dizziness or soreness. Additionally, you will be able to be more productive in your tasks overall.

No matter what type of work you do day to day, your job is not worth sacrificing your health. Be sure to work safely so that, at the end of the day, you can go home to those you love and do the things you enjoy.